More than one billion people don't have access to safe water systems, are exposed to environmental hazards and are homeless without adequate food or shelter.
That's why Trippie Supply Co® is working with giving partners that have expertise in caring for the homeless, the environmental, water, sanitation and hygiene to help create sustainable water systems.
Through sales/profit of all Trippie Supply Co® products utilizing the share model every time one of our products is purchased, a person in need is helped.
The Trippie Supply Co® giving team collaborates with giving partners to plan how we can further the partners' work, by giving products or helping the partners to provide services.
Trippie Supply Co® uses business for good, through tailored products and services, logistical support, local production and more.
Our giving partners provide products or services, to supporting sustainable and responsible programs for communities in needs in the area of children, clean drinking water, the environment and homelessness.

"Trippie Supply Co® welcomes the opportunity to join forces with incredible organizations around the world, whose integrated approaches across health, education and other service sectors allows us to provide a valuable link through prescription giving".

Trippie Supply Co® President & Founder
Miles Petersen